I serve analytical leaders, from emerging to C-suite, in fast-growing tech industries around the world. My clients aim for greater success for themselves and their organisation.

Much of my practice is 1:1, providing a non-judgmental, confidential and self-explorative space. I apply behavioural and cognitive psychology to improve leadership, communication, decision-making skills and use powerful coaching conversations to see how limiting beliefs shape mindsets, behaviours and group dynamics.

Coaching is a profession: I hold its standards. My coaching models are proven by the many client references of excellent results.

The coaching journey:

I start with a free conversation; to see how I can help a person and determine whether we are a good match. Then, based on the goal, we will decide when to start the engagement.

I run weekly or fortnight sessions; I rarely send reminders or push to complete the activities between sessions: I believe in my clients' commitment and hold unconditional positive regard for them.

I challenge my clients' limiting assumptions with learning questions; helping them to dream bigger and strategise how to get there.

During the coaching journey, my clients build the toolkit to deal with the next challenges so that they can do those processes by their self for the rest of their life.

7 benefit of having an executive coach:

  • Save time and money by gaining greater self-awareness and clarity around the highest-impact activities

  • Create highly engaged teams, where transparency, trust and a results-oriented mentality are paramount

  • Learn faster by being fully present and focused on a specific problem

  • Start making empowered decisions by leveraging your core strengths

  • Develop a healthy balance between your work and personal priorities

  • Create different systems and structures to re-evaluate your thinking, assumptions and beliefs

  • Resolve conflicts by creating a learning environment that brings people together


Dario is an extremely creative coach and a strategic thinker. He got me into a clearer vision of my role and the larger picture. He's a very nice person to work with.

Founder and CEO, MediaTech

Dario is a really insightful coach. He has the ability to listen to what you are saying, spot underlying patterns and help you to structure plans to take the next step."

Founder and CEO, EdTech

I commit to working on a pro bono basis at any given time. This is my way to give back and support leadership.

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I have spent over 15 years building software propositions, scaling up technical teams and setting product management practices inside startups and corporations. Today, I am an Executive Coach and the CEO of Human and Machine ltd, offering Product Mindset training programmes and fractional Product Officer services to Startups and Scale-ups that want to minimise time-to-value and excel at change.

I have a good track record: three startup exits, worldwide distribution and exponential growth to over a billion users. TEDx speaker who has received over 20 international awards.

I have a child-like curiosity, an old-fashioned sense of responsibility and unstoppable will. I am often on call to navigate through the uncertainties of scaling.

I use internalised narratives and scientific-based models to accelerate performance and personal development.

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