You can change the rules



Ready to defy the odds and rewrite the rules?

I specialise in coaching conversations that enhance self-awareness and unlock your full potential.

Offering high-standard, customised coaching programmes tailored for workplaces, whether you're an emerging leader, an executive, a business owner facing complexity and uncertainty, or an HR director steering transformation programmes and organisational restructurings.

In our personalised one-on-one online sessions, I create a secure and confidential space for self-exploration without judgment.

With a track record of over 1000 sessions and consistently excellent coaching outcomes, I have refined my coaching models to effectively boost leadership, collaboration, innovation, decision-making skills when facing complexity and uncertainty.

Let's collaborate and embark on the journey to change the world.

"No one is you, this is your superpower"



Focus on how to create team synergy, how to work with different types of people and motivate them to reach personal and team goals, implement new ideas and deal with company-wide change. 

Best for: business owners, founders, executives, managers, and anyone who sets the vision and goals for an organization


Focus on crafting a strategy that turns challenges into opportunities. Through strategic coaching, we navigate the intricate paths of decision-making, helping you design a roadmap that transforms visions into achievements. This kind of coaching takes a more organizational approach

Best for: leaders navigating transitions or changes within their organizations


Focus on challenging old, ingrained patterns of thought. You often see yourselves and your circumstances in a new way. You become empowered to identify how to take action towards the life you want. 

Best for: anyone who wants to understand and manage their well-being, to get promoted, who is looking for greater clarity, purpose, and passion in their professional lives


"Change begins with yourself"

Measurable progress to enhancing self-awareness, leading through uncertainty and delivering impact in an ever-changing and complex environment

*Scored 5 out of 5 for clients' progress across all post sessions survey.


I kick off our coaching journey with an initial free conversation, and from there, we shape a personalized coaching program aligned with your goals. 

Whether we engage in weekly or fortnightly sessions, I prefer minimal reminders or nudges between meetings, trusting in your commitment and holding unwavering positive regard for you.

Using learning questions and models grounded in behavioral and cognitive psychology, I'll challenge any limiting assumptions, aiding in the development of an empowering mindset. 

Together, we'll expand your horizons, dream bigger, and strategically plot the path to your aspirations.

Throughout our coaching journey, you'll construct a toolkit to navigate future challenges independently, empowering you to tackle life's complexities for the rest of your journey.


“Dario has brought something genuinely new to the vast and often homogenous field of leadership development.”

Raffaella Mollina, HR Director - Milan

“The best coaching programme I’ve ever been on.”

Sally Ronald, Managing Director – London

“Dario is an extremely creative coach and a strategic thinker. He got me into a clearer vision of my role and the larger picture. He's a very nice person to work with.”

Rachel Ketchum, Head of Transformation - Bristol

“Dario is a really insightful coach. He has the ability to listen to what you are saying and bring you to the best version of yourself.”

Karl Pifarlzer, Head of Learning and Development  - London

"Dario helped me reconnecting with the company culture and improving team motivation."

Mark Sullivan, VP Product Management - San Francisco

"Dario is so impactful because he takes the time to deeply understand you"

Jemma Phuong, Founder and CEO - England

"If you're looking for someone to articulate your business strategy from that dark corner of your mind, look no further."

Daniela Abasolo, Group CEO - Italy

"With Dario's help, I was able to take my experience, ideas and learnings and distil them down into a set of clear actions."

Robert Gustav, Company Owner - England

I commit to working on a pro bono basis for a good cause. This is my way to give back and support leadership inside non-profits

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I have spent over 15 years building propositions, scaling up teams and setting management practices inside startups, scale-ups and corporations.
Today, I am an Executive Coach and the owner of Human and Machine ltd, offering mindset training programmes and consultancy services to companies that want to minimise time-to-value and excel at change.

I have a good track record: three startup exits, worldwide distribution and exponential growth to over a billion users. TEDx speaker who has received over 20 international awards.

I have a child-like curiosity, an old-fashioned sense of responsibility and unstoppable will. I am often on call to navigate through the uncertainties of scaling up.

"I use internalised narratives and scientific-based models to accelerate professional development"

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