Helping companies move fast by using the product mindset.

Chief Product Officer | Product Advisor | Coach practitioner


Prior to founding Human and Machine, I've spent over 15 years of my career building software propositions, scaling up technical teams and setting product practices inside startups and corporations.

I have a good track record: three startup exits, worldwide distribution and exponential growth to over a billion users. TEDx speaker received over 20 international awards

I have learned the importance of demystifying product strategy around small progressive outcomes the hard way and I used these skills to service the most amazing companies in the world, spanning media, technology, education and financial services.

I have a child-like curiosity, an old-fashioned sense of responsibility and unstoppable will… I’m often on call to navigate through the uncertainties of scaling technology companies.

Dario is an extremely creative professional and a strategic thinker. He masters the creative process from A to Z, while keeping a clear vision of the role of creativity in the larger picture. He's a team player and a very nice person to work with.

Rafael Sandor. EVP, National Geographic

Dario is highly creative and intelligent, with an entrepreneurial approach and enormous experience in his field. He has competence, flair and great imagination.

Dame Frances Cairncross. Chair of Court, Heriot-Watt University

Dario is a popular leader with a loyal team and always led by example. Strategically Dario was excellent at stepping back and looking at the bigger picture before applying a methodical approach to reaching goals, whilst also showing the ability to apply that thinking at the micro level and selling it into his team and into senior management.

Jason Thorp. EVP, Fox Network Group

Through Human and Machine ltd, I offer product management coaching, training and capability uplift.

I write about product management, leadership, design, entrepreneurship, mental models, learning habits and decision making.